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Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment is required when the innermost layer of the tooth Pulp is infected . Tooth pulp is the sensitive layer of the tooth and whenever any decay reaches third layer Pulp crossing upper two layers that is Enamel and Dentin it gives severe pain or develops Dental Abscess in chronic or prolonged infections. In such situations R.C.T. is done.
Cavity Fillings
When there is a tooth structure loss due to Decay or wearing away defects ( attrision,Erosion,Abrasion )/ fracture due to which a cavity is created tooth filling is required. If the decay is in upeer two layers Enamel and Dentin it can be treated with fillings. There are various types of fillings available including Silver and Tooth colored materials.
Gum and Soft Tissue Desease
Gingivitis and Periodontitis are the most common gum diseases. Gingivitis is gum inflammation due to plaque accumulation over tooth surface. It usually appears with bleeding from gums. It is a curable disease. When plaque gets calcified and converts in to calculus deposits and due to bacterial infection there is pus formation along with bone loss it is known as Periodontitis. If it is not treated well in time it leads to early tooth loss. Diabetic patients, pregnant women should take extra care and get regular scaling done to prevent gum problems. Gingivitis and Periodontitis in early stage can be cured with Scaling and in advanced stages it can be treated with gingivectomy and flap surgery.
Crown and Bridge
Crown is in a simple way a cap made over a natural tooth to give it a normal shape,size and protection. Usually it is done to restore the lost tooth structure after Root Canal Treatment and a fractured tooth or abnormally shaped tooth. It also provides strength to the tooth. Bridge is also made of multiple crowns to restore a missing tooth. Bridge is made with the help of adjacent natural teeth. Bridge is also known as F.P.D. ( Fixed Partial Denture ) Types of Crown Metal Crowns Porcelain fused to Metal or PFM crowns Zirconia or all ceramic crowns.
Dental Implants
Dental Implant is a titanium screw which is placed in jaw bone through a minor surgical procedure in order to restore/replace a missing tooth. The adavantage of Implant is that this metallic screw works as an artificial root of the tooth and doesn't require the support of adjacent tooth for the replacement. It is usually a 2 stage surgical procedure and after placing theimplant the crown is delivered after 3 months. Now a days the latest and new version of Dental Implants are Basal Implant which can be loaded with crowns immediately. Dental Implant is considered to be a very good option for replacement of missing teeth.
Orthodontic Treatment
Correction of Malocclusion / Irregular teeth by Orthodontic Treatment Orthodontic Braces are used to repair malaligned / irregular/ forwardly placed teeth. In addition it is also used for correction of Jaw corrections etc. Braces are of various types : Metallic Braces Self Ligating Braces ( more comfortable, small in size and a better bonding efficiency) Ceramic or tooth colored braces ( mostly placed on upper teeth ) Lingual/Invisible braces ( placed on palatal and lingual surfaces ) Clear path aligners ( without braces with the help of transparent trays teeth correction is done which are designed according to jaw size ) It is a very comfortable way of correcting malaligned teeth but comparatively more expensive too. Advantage of aligners is that they meet out the aesthetic needs of the patients hence very useful for adult patients. Why require Orthodontic treatment: Irregularly placed teeth create bad breath ( smell ) due to improper cleaning, mobility of teeth due to gum problems and most importantly Aesthetic problems.
Post and Core
When the tooth is badly mutilated or most of the tooth structure is lost it is build up with the help of Post ( Metallic or Fibre ) . Post is a small pin like device which is used to hold the restorative cement in order to place a Crown over it.
Dental Diamond/Jewellery
These are not real diamonds but it gives you a beautiful smile and are very common these days during any functional or Marriage season it has now become the choice of youngsters as it gives a spark to their smile.
Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures
These are Conventional Dentures which are made if there is a Complete Edentulous or Partially Edentulous jaw. These are made of Resins and can be removed before going to bed. Not a preferred method over Fixed Parital Dentures / Dental Implants or Implant supported Dentures but a less expensive and time trusted way of replacing teeth.
Laser Treatment
Laser treatment is a painless and bleedingless surgical procedure. All kinds of soft tissue surgeries are easily performed and patient doesn't require any break from his routine work immediately after the procedure. Hard tissue lasers are also available but mostly it is being used for soft tissue procedures, teeth bleaching and R.C.T. procedures in Dental Clinics.
Night Guards
Night Guards are placed to prevent teeth grinding habits. These are transparent acrylic trays which are worn during night . Alike night guards Mouth Guards are also made for sportsperson to protect their teeth from injury.
Other Dental Procedures performed in our clinic :
Flap Surgery, Gingivectomy, Surgical Extractions, Full Mouth Scaling, Removal of Fluoride/Tobacco stains, Currettage, Root Planning, Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

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